Name Description Last commit
amuletUV Protection Amulet2021-10-29 16:34
ATtiny85-MIDI-playerATtiny85 MIDI player2016-10-15 16:35
badgeNo description provided2023-12-12 15:41
bf-tic-tac-toeBrainfuck Tic-tac-toe opponent2018-05-26 16:40
calkeySimple USB keyboard using Raspberry Pi Pico2023-04-29 18:17
candleTiny volumetric display2023-12-01 17:07
ch32v003usb-hwKiCad files for ch32v003 USB board2023-12-15 19:14
charliestarLilliputian glowy thing2017-02-12 00:18
ddc-oledTiny OLED as a second monitor2022-05-10 18:35
flash-synthFlash Synth2022-07-28 19:09
git-animateVim keystroke timelapse generator2020-04-19 01:13
infrabuckwindows/x86 brainfuck compiler2017-05-11 01:47
jv1080-encoderEmulating a rotary switch2022-05-25 09:54
kicad-round-tracksTrack rounding plugin for KiCad2023-03-24 14:16
kiloboot1kB TFTP Ethernet bootloader for ATmega328P and ENC28J602017-11-10 02:44
lipocheckSelf-contained bar-graph for LiPo batteries2017-11-10 01:57
MidiInterceptorUpgraded MIDI controls for Yamaha KX52016-10-15 18:00
MidiMonotronTiny MIDI-to-CV converter2016-10-15 17:38
monopolyNo description provided2024-05-07 19:52
morsekeyMorse Code USB Keyboard mk II2019-05-23 22:40
musicboxMIDI music box2018-03-17 15:16
phase-locked-inverterRun a synchronous 60Hz clock from 50Hz mains2019-06-12 00:47
pictPICT container2024-05-20 07:12
plotterfunFun with plotters2022-08-25 12:14
PolySynthCablePolyphonic synth using an ATtiny23132016-10-15 18:18
PrecisionClock-HardwarePCB design for the Precision Clock2022-02-11 10:54
PrecisionClockNo description provided2016-10-15 16:49
PrecisionClockMkIINo description provided2024-06-17 16:52
quickfireCollection of tiny javascript games2017-09-30 10:25
rc-tx-usb-mk2RC transmitter as USB joypad2017-03-29 01:25
recursiveRecursive post-it notes experiment2023-04-02 16:08
scaffoldNo description provided2023-12-22 01:44
slideMIDI slide whistle2021-02-07 13:33
slide2Robot Slide Whistle Orchestrion2024-04-01 16:11
sliderSimple stepper controller using ch32v0032024-07-07 10:18
smscSmallest USB-C MIDI Synth2023-12-15 19:06
swotGBJavascript Gameboy Emulator2020-03-01 12:13
synthcableATtiny85-based MIDI synthesizer2016-10-15 16:18
tiny-joystickMini Pitchbend Joystick2017-11-23 15:06
TinyThereminTheremin with only one component2016-10-15 17:21
web-git-sumWeb git summary script2024-05-07 20:16
webrtc-pongPeer-to-peer Pong2024-04-23 23:22